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E-bikes for Western Hunts

Western Hunting with Rogue Ridge E-Bikes


E-bikes aren’t just great for Midwest hunters riding to the deer stand or turkey hunters chasing gobbles for miles in the East. They can serve western hunters too. Here are four reasons you should consider an e-bike for your next western hunt.


Whether you’re trying to get eyes on a pronghorn or locate a bugling bull, you often need to cover a lot of ground when hunting out West. E-bikes allow you to cruise around in search of a target without putting your body through the rigors of those mountain miles or hopping in a truck to travel across expansive areas. And they can get you where you need to be quickly, before your bull or buck moves on.


E-bikes also offer stealth. Other equipment can be loud and produce fumes, while trudging through tough terrain on foot can create a stir and leave you sweaty and ripe. But e-bikes are nearly silent to operate and don’t generate smells that will spook elk, muleys, or pronghorns. They can help you get to hard-to-reach places — even through narrow trails — undetected by game.


Although an e-bike is an investment, it’s still an affordable one and comes at an excellent value. They come at a fraction of the up-front cost of ATVs or side-by-sides and don’t come with the same pricey upkeep and fuel costs. E-bikes are also much easier and more affordable to transport to hunting ground.


E-bikes aren’t allowed on all public lands, but they are legal in a lot more areas than ATVs or other motorized vehicles — especially in western states. In some states, you can use an e-bike anywhere you can take a bicycle. And on other ground, you’ll have to follow specific regulations. More and more states are updating regulations to allow e-bikes on public lands (always check local regulations first). But you won’t have to leave your e-bike parked for the entire off-season — e-bikes are also great for fishing outings, camping trips, scouting missions, and more

turkey scouting


Turkey Scouting with Rogue Ridge E-Bikes

One of the first steps in turkey scouting is understanding what turkeys have done in the past. This is crucial to the current season and future success – after all, gobblers tend to be creatures of habit.  Learning how turkeys interact within the landscape on your hunting property is of utmost importance.  Is there a landscape barrier they won’t cross?  A specific roost area they prefer over another?  An annual strut zone?  The list of site-specific situations goes on and on, and how well you know them and understand them usually plays a big part in your success.  Don’t just learn the ground you hunt, learn how the turkeys use that particular piece of ground.

Putting eyes on Spring Birds the evening before your hunt is a game changer scouting tactic.  You don’t necessarily need a roadside field for this method to be effective.  Driving a daily loop on logging roads with a Rogue Ridge Electric Bike being stealthy and silent will leave you able to ultimately scout hidden fields easily and can be extremely effective by putting eyes on toms strutting from a long way off and catch them going to roost without spooking them and formulate a game plan for the next morning’s hunt.

Scouting from a Rogue Ridge E-Bike is also a great way to keep the pressure off the birds.  If you don’t have any fields you can see from the road on your turkey hunting property, you can still gain valuable information by observing what the turkeys are doing in your area. You can usually get a good idea if they are hened up, with other toms, or alone – all key observations when it comes to deciding what decoys and calls to use. 

If you are looking for a hunting eBike that will allow you to quickly get from point A to B while not being seen, then the RF750 Mossy Oak Folding Bike might be right for you! Designed with the big game hunter in mind, the RF750 has a maximum carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds.

With a durable aluminum alloy 6061 frame, this bike will have no problem handling the pressures of deep woods hunting. This impressive bike is powered by a Bafang Mid M620 ULTRA 750Watt motor that will give you a top speed of 20 MPH without pedaling.

Last, but certainly not least, strap up your boots and get out there.  Identifying turkey sign may not be as easy as finding deer sign in the woods, but if you know what you’re looking for, certain markers can clue you in on a big strutter’s whereabouts or a breeding flocks movement patterns.  Using an E-Bike will most certainly get you to where you want to be undetected and in half the amount of time to help you bag a big ol’ longbeard this season.