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E-bikes for Western Hunts

Western Hunting with Rogue Ridge E-Bikes


E-bikes aren’t just great for Midwest hunters riding to the deer stand or turkey hunters chasing gobbles for miles in the East. They can serve western hunters too. Here are four reasons you should consider an e-bike for your next western hunt.


Whether you’re trying to get eyes on a pronghorn or locate a bugling bull, you often need to cover a lot of ground when hunting out West. E-bikes allow you to cruise around in search of a target without putting your body through the rigors of those mountain miles or hopping in a truck to travel across expansive areas. And they can get you where you need to be quickly, before your bull or buck moves on.


E-bikes also offer stealth. Other equipment can be loud and produce fumes, while trudging through tough terrain on foot can create a stir and leave you sweaty and ripe. But e-bikes are nearly silent to operate and don’t generate smells that will spook elk, muleys, or pronghorns. They can help you get to hard-to-reach places — even through narrow trails — undetected by game.


Although an e-bike is an investment, it’s still an affordable one and comes at an excellent value. They come at a fraction of the up-front cost of ATVs or side-by-sides and don’t come with the same pricey upkeep and fuel costs. E-bikes are also much easier and more affordable to transport to hunting ground.


E-bikes aren’t allowed on all public lands, but they are legal in a lot more areas than ATVs or other motorized vehicles — especially in western states. In some states, you can use an e-bike anywhere you can take a bicycle. And on other ground, you’ll have to follow specific regulations. More and more states are updating regulations to allow e-bikes on public lands (always check local regulations first). But you won’t have to leave your e-bike parked for the entire off-season — e-bikes are also great for fishing outings, camping trips, scouting missions, and more

scouting for deer



In-Season Scouting for Deer with Rogue Ridge E-Bikes

Most deer hunters want to target mature bucks. And just about all mature whitetail hunters believe in In-Season scouting for deer, especially if it involves scouting without disturbing the woods. This is where scouting from a Rogue Ridge E-Bike pays off. 

We start our full scouting arsenal on September 1st every year by setting up as many trail cameras as possible to cover early feeding patterns of mature bucks. Many great early season spots include travel corridors and staging areas in and around food sources. The strategy with this approach is to inventory the majority of the bucks using your property so you can begin to develop a strategy. Access should always be at top of mind when it comes to scouting and hunting mature whitetails. 

Getting in and out of stand sites and camera sets without spooking or alerting deer with your presence is critical to having a chance at that shooter buck. Using a Rogue Ridge E-Bike to mask your access to and from stands is a crucial component to the overall game plan. These Bikes have so many features but in the grand scheme of things, it is the perfect bike for deer hunting. Rogue Ridge’s lineup of E-Bikes can add a tremendous advantage to your hunting playbook, allowing you to achieve silent and scent-free access to your stand site or stand access point. Our E-Bikes allow you to travel silently from 20 to 65 miles on a single charge and with speeds up to 30mph. Much faster than walking to and from stand sites leaving scent, and much quieter than an ATV or Side by Side, Rogue Ridge E-bikes will change the way you hunt and scout whitetails. To find out more about The Full Line of Rogue Ridge Bikes visit us at https://rogueridge.com/about-rogue-ridge/