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Take Aim: Time for Turkeys

E-bikes aren’t just built to help big game hunters reach the backcountry in search of bulls and bucks — they’re also useful tools for spring gobbler season. Here’s how and why to take advantage of e-bike technology to notch your tag on a longbeard.

Stay Stealthy

Wild turkeys have impeccable eyesight, and their hearing is impressive too. So big, bold UTVs or noisy steps through the turkey woods won’t help you get the job done. But a streamlined e-bike finished in camo will quickly and quietly get you where you need to go so you can set up before birds strut in.

Cover Ground

To consistently tag turkeys, especially on pressured public land, you have to go where other hunters won’t. But covering miles before sunrise means setting your alarm for the middle of the night and logging some serious legwork in dark conditions. An e-bike can save you some valuable shuteye and get you past other hunters in a matter of minutes. Hear a gobble on the opposite ridge mid-morning? Quickly move in on that tom with speeds up to 30 mph.

Gear Up

Loading up your turkey vest with several calls, enough food and water for the day, and a pair of decoys can weigh you down and leave you sweated as you run and gun. But an e-bike can help lighten the load with storage options and quicker, easier treks. You won’t have to leave any gear behind.

Find the Roost

If you’re not having luck calling in longbeards during the morning, head out in the evening to roost your next target. An e-bike will help you explore new areas and quickly slip out when an interested tom starts heading your way. Pin your location and ride back to the hot spot the next morning. 

Top 5 Places To Take Your E-Bike

Planning your next vacation? Load up your e-bike and hit the road for these top riding destinations from coast to coast.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Cruise along the 20-mile North Pathway, located in the scenic Jackson Hole valley. As you ride from the National Elk Refuge to Jenny Lake Visitor Center, you’ll likely spot a variety of wildlife with the Grand Tetons as your backdrop. Whether you like to power through or pedal, the paved trail offers a smooth ride and some of the best views around.

Everglades National Park, Florida

The Shark Valley Tram Trail runs nearly 16 through Everglades National Park past marshes, wildflowers, and wildlife. The multi-use route is paved and flat, but it can be intense when humidity and temperatures are high. Be on the lookout for gators as you stop for lunch at one of the many picnic tables along the way.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Located just a few minutes east of Portland, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area offers miles of peaceful riding past waterfalls and swimming holes. Hop on your e-bike and you can also head across the Bridge of the Gods and downtown for food and shopping.

Monterey, California

An 18-mile rail trail, the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail starts at beautiful Pacific Grove and finishes in Castroville, California. You’ll pedal past stunning ocean views, a retired military base, and maybe even some sea otters! Roundtrip, the 36 miles are much easier with some e-bike power behind you.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Hit the coast for 10.7 miles of smooth riding with ocean views. The Shining Sea Bikeway winds past a variety of waterways and through a picturesque forest, then finishes with a look at the Atlantic Ocean. You can take a swim at the protected beach or continue onto quaint Cape Cod communities ahead.

Be sure to check local regulations before hitting the trail with your e-bike.

Tips for Riding E-Bikes in the Winter

When the weather is bitter cold and you don’t want to spend more time than necessary traversing the backcountry, an e-bike can be an invaluable tool. Here’s how to stay safe and keep your e-bike in top condition during the chilliest time of year.

Inspect Before You Ride

Sub-freezing temperatures can have an impact on battery life and tire pressure, so be sure your e-bike is charged and tires have sufficient pressure before you head into a winter wonderland. Give your ride including tire tread and brakes a good once-over too to make sure everything is in good shape. 

Dress for the Weather

Because you won’t be putting in major effort to power through snow and you’ll probably be traveling at a faster pace than walking, riding an e-bike in the winter can make your surroundings feel colder. To prevent windburn, hypothermia, and frostbite and simply feel more comfortable bundle up for your ride. Make sure your hands and head stay covered, wear layers, and opt for a waterproof shell.

Take it Slow

Slick ice and slippery snow can make maneuvering an e-bike a bit more challenging. Braking can also take longer in frigid, icy conditions. Be cautious and start slow. Take your time and enjoy the ride rather than rushing to your destination.

Don’t Skip the Aftercare

When you return home, wipe down your e-bike to prevent rust and other damage. If you rode through roads that were salted, you should give it a good washing first. Store the battery and bike in a dry area away from extreme temperatures.

Speed & Stealth

Speed & Stealth With E-Bikes


An e-bike is the ultimate tool for improving a hunter’s entry to and exit from a stand site.


With top speeds up to 30 mph, e-bikes can significantly cut down the time it takes to reach your hunting spot.

When you have to work all day and only get a couple hours of daylight for a primetime sit, an e-bike can get you up the mountain to your treestand quickly.

If your blind takes an hour to walk to, an e-bike can help you get there in a fraction of the time so you can get some added shuteye in the morning.

And if you’re trying to escape hunting pressure on popular public land, your e-bike can make it easier to power miles past where other hunters are willing to go.

With an e-bike, you won’t waste valuable time walking when you could be waiting for Mr. November to cruise past your stand.


But even more important than reaching your ambush spot quickly is getting there undetected.

Even with the latest scent control technology, it’s tough to fool a whitetail’s nose. Hoofing it for miles can leave you sweaty and smelly, while riding an ATV or side-by-side will leave your gear stinking of fuel. E-bikes eliminate the grind and run on battery power so you don’t need to worry about any added odors.

With ultra-quiet operation, e-bikes also help you reach your stand with minimal noise — no loud, trudging footsteps or echoing engines. Their smaller footprint leaves a smaller impact on the terrain and makes them much easier to move or conceal on the trail too.

For the quickest, stealthiest trips to the stand, an e-bike is a hunter’s best bet.

E-bikes for Western Hunts

Western Hunting with Rogue Ridge E-Bikes


E-bikes aren’t just great for Midwest hunters riding to the deer stand or turkey hunters chasing gobbles for miles in the East. They can serve western hunters too. Here are four reasons you should consider an e-bike for your next western hunt.


Whether you’re trying to get eyes on a pronghorn or locate a bugling bull, you often need to cover a lot of ground when hunting out West. E-bikes allow you to cruise around in search of a target without putting your body through the rigors of those mountain miles or hopping in a truck to travel across expansive areas. And they can get you where you need to be quickly, before your bull or buck moves on.


E-bikes also offer stealth. Other equipment can be loud and produce fumes, while trudging through tough terrain on foot can create a stir and leave you sweaty and ripe. But e-bikes are nearly silent to operate and don’t generate smells that will spook elk, muleys, or pronghorns. They can help you get to hard-to-reach places — even through narrow trails — undetected by game.


Although an e-bike is an investment, it’s still an affordable one and comes at an excellent value. They come at a fraction of the up-front cost of ATVs or side-by-sides and don’t come with the same pricey upkeep and fuel costs. E-bikes are also much easier and more affordable to transport to hunting ground.


E-bikes aren’t allowed on all public lands, but they are legal in a lot more areas than ATVs or other motorized vehicles — especially in western states. In some states, you can use an e-bike anywhere you can take a bicycle. And on other ground, you’ll have to follow specific regulations. More and more states are updating regulations to allow e-bikes on public lands (always check local regulations first). But you won’t have to leave your e-bike parked for the entire off-season — e-bikes are also great for fishing outings, camping trips, scouting missions, and more