Tips for Riding E-Bikes in the Winter

When the weather is bitter cold and you don’t want to spend more time than necessary traversing the backcountry, an e-bike can be an invaluable tool. Here’s how to stay safe and keep your e-bike in top condition during the chilliest time of year.

Inspect Before You Ride

Sub-freezing temperatures can have an impact on battery life and tire pressure, so be sure your e-bike is charged and tires have sufficient pressure before you head into a winter wonderland. Give your ride including tire tread and brakes a good once-over too to make sure everything is in good shape. 

Dress for the Weather

Because you won’t be putting in major effort to power through snow and you’ll probably be traveling at a faster pace than walking, riding an e-bike in the winter can make your surroundings feel colder. To prevent windburn, hypothermia, and frostbite and simply feel more comfortable bundle up for your ride. Make sure your hands and head stay covered, wear layers, and opt for a waterproof shell.

Take it Slow

Slick ice and slippery snow can make maneuvering an e-bike a bit more challenging. Braking can also take longer in frigid, icy conditions. Be cautious and start slow. Take your time and enjoy the ride rather than rushing to your destination.

Don’t Skip the Aftercare

When you return home, wipe down your e-bike to prevent rust and other damage. If you rode through roads that were salted, you should give it a good washing first. Store the battery and bike in a dry area away from extreme temperatures.

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