Speed & Stealth

Speed & Stealth With E-Bikes


An e-bike is the ultimate tool for improving a hunter’s entry to and exit from a stand site.


With top speeds up to 30 mph, e-bikes can significantly cut down the time it takes to reach your hunting spot.

When you have to work all day and only get a couple hours of daylight for a primetime sit, an e-bike can get you up the mountain to your treestand quickly.

If your blind takes an hour to walk to, an e-bike can help you get there in a fraction of the time so you can get some added shuteye in the morning.

And if you’re trying to escape hunting pressure on popular public land, your e-bike can make it easier to power miles past where other hunters are willing to go.

With an e-bike, you won’t waste valuable time walking when you could be waiting for Mr. November to cruise past your stand.


But even more important than reaching your ambush spot quickly is getting there undetected.

Even with the latest scent control technology, it’s tough to fool a whitetail’s nose. Hoofing it for miles can leave you sweaty and smelly, while riding an ATV or side-by-side will leave your gear stinking of fuel. E-bikes eliminate the grind and run on battery power so you don’t need to worry about any added odors.

With ultra-quiet operation, e-bikes also help you reach your stand with minimal noise — no loud, trudging footsteps or echoing engines. Their smaller footprint leaves a smaller impact on the terrain and makes them much easier to move or conceal on the trail too.

For the quickest, stealthiest trips to the stand, an e-bike is a hunter’s best bet.

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