Take Aim: Time for Turkeys

E-bikes aren’t just built to help big game hunters reach the backcountry in search of bulls and bucks — they’re also useful tools for spring gobbler season. Here’s how and why to take advantage of e-bike technology to notch your tag on a longbeard.

Stay Stealthy

Wild turkeys have impeccable eyesight, and their hearing is impressive too. So big, bold UTVs or noisy steps through the turkey woods won’t help you get the job done. But a streamlined e-bike finished in camo will quickly and quietly get you where you need to go so you can set up before birds strut in.

Cover Ground

To consistently tag turkeys, especially on pressured public land, you have to go where other hunters won’t. But covering miles before sunrise means setting your alarm for the middle of the night and logging some serious legwork in dark conditions. An e-bike can save you some valuable shuteye and get you past other hunters in a matter of minutes. Hear a gobble on the opposite ridge mid-morning? Quickly move in on that tom with speeds up to 30 mph.

Gear Up

Loading up your turkey vest with several calls, enough food and water for the day, and a pair of decoys can weigh you down and leave you sweated as you run and gun. But an e-bike can help lighten the load with storage options and quicker, easier treks. You won’t have to leave any gear behind.

Find the Roost

If you’re not having luck calling in longbeards during the morning, head out in the evening to roost your next target. An e-bike will help you explore new areas and quickly slip out when an interested tom starts heading your way. Pin your location and ride back to the hot spot the next morning. 

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